GREEGO ART STUDIO is open to the entire students as well as adult. “

   SKETCH Free hand sketch, Idea sketch,  Rendering,  Perspective Drawing
   DRAWING Basic Drawing, Figure Drawing, Still Life, Landscape
Observation Skill with lighting and shading
   WATERCOLOR Landscape, Still Life, Figure watercolor –  ONE TOUCH BRUSH SKILL
   OIL PAINTING Landscape, Still Life, Figure – FOUNDATION to HIGH LEVEL
   PASTEL Pastel skill with color pencil, and oil pastel
   COLLAGE Collage with magazine, news paper and mixed media
   ILLUSTRATION High Technique for illustration – watercolor, color pencil
   PORTFOLIO Portfolio for ART SCHOOL – drawing, color painting, mixed media
   GRAPHICS Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tools
   VIDEO EDIT Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere video edit tools